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Covent Garden Signage

Our Client:

Scope Space’s Covent Garden location offers personalised and reserved workspaces, with options designed for individual use or teamwork.

It serves as a great place for companies to come together, innovate and conduct their day-to-day work life.

The Need:

Scope Space reached out to us to solve these pain points:

* A lack of inviting and branded spaces for clients

* The long, open windows offered less privacy for the working space.

They identified the opportunity for a branded signage update alongside changes to add office privacy and create work areas.

The Proposal:

After initial contact, we visited the client to view the needs firsthand and to fully understand their requirements.

During our site visit, we had discussions about what the options were and identified the best solutions. We worked with the client to identify these solutions:

* Office manifestation

* Standoff acrylic lettering

* A wayfinding directory.

The Work:

Our branding design team worked to create and then install the signage solutions.

Our professional installation team visited to fulfil the proposal – smoothly adding the new signage across the site with minimal disruption. A happy client!

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