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RM7 Case Study

Retail expert, RM7, approached us with a significant vehicle wrap in mind. Wanting something that could truly capture interest at a glance, we designed layered graphics in bold company colours. The digital wrap was printed and applied first. Next, we added reflective lettering to both sides of the vehicle. The bulkhead was also wrapped, with even more reflective material here.

The rear of the van posed a unique challenge due to constant, heavy use. RM7 wished to capitalise on every available space, so we utilised a high-tack vinyl coated with a hard-wearing laminate. With resistance to scratches, scuffs and scrapes, it ensures graphics will have a long life ahead of them.

We finished with bespoke chevrons on the rear, and effectively simple cut lettering on the doors. The vehicle is now on the roads of Cambridgeshire, undoubtedly drawing eyes and business alike.

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