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Plenty of events and exhibitions require varied hard signage products. Wayfinding, display signs and decorative installations all come together to create a fuller visitor experience. For less permanent needs – such as seasonal events and pop-up exhibitions – soft signage makes for a more viable option. Products including PVC banners and flags can be mounted time and time again, without the assistance of a professional. Typically sizable, they carry all pertinent information and are certain to catch the eye of visitors or passers-by. Materials are malleable enough to easily pack away in storage, but durable enough to face use year after year.

You’re welcome to provide your own wording and imagery, although our talented design team is on hand to offer professional creativity. No matter the sign type, we’ll ensure bold visuals are paired with impactful text. There’s nuance in simultaneously drawing attention and providing a considered viewer experience, but it’s a skill we’ve refined over many years.