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With the dawn of at-home working, creating an appealing office environment is more important than ever. For independent businesses, it’s a matter of inspiring employees and keeping them engaged. Vinyl wall graphics can add bold messaging and a splash of colour to an otherwise lacklustre space. A full wrap is possible, allowing you to cover a wall much more efficiently than a painted mural. There’s also all-important branding to consider. If you welcome visitors and clients often, establishing who you are with an eye-catching sign goes a long way. A 3D stand-off letter sign delivers a particularly premium look.

Co-working office spaces rely heavily on aesthetics. In addition to messaging and branding, you may also look to interior architectural films as a means of upcyling furnishings. Unappealing MDF desks can be reworked with a sleek wood-emulation finish far cheaper than the real materials – and greener, too. There’s an astounding array of quality options for all kinds of surfaces.

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