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Window graphics

  • Checkobox iconFunctional and aesthetic
  • Checkobox iconCustom lettering and graphics available
  • Checkobox iconVaried colours and patterns
  • Checkobox iconMinimally disruptive installation

Much like interior manifestations, external window graphics are well-suited to a range of traditional business purposes, including advertising. Vinyl applications are hard-wearing enough to face the elements without issue.

On more functional or purely aesthetic fronts, we offer a range of products as a cost-effective means of transforming a space. Solar film is available in varied light transmissions, reducing sunlight as needed, aiding an ambient inside temperature. Chameleon films present warm or cool colour spectrums as light passes through, while a translucent, coloured film bathes any space in a consistent hue.

Architectural window films are also ideal for overhauling the look of a room, when a tighter budget rules out more costly materials. Why settle for bland frosting of a gym or office shower door, when inspirational text or a company logo can be incorporated? You can even disguise a glass panel as another material entirely. Get in touch to discover what may be possible.

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