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Monolith & totem signs

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For many businesses and institutions, a totem sign is the first thing a visitor sees. As the name suggests, it stands proud of the ground – hence its alternate moniker, the monolith. Though simple, the monolith sign is available in a variety of designs and cuts a stylish appearance. From a single aluminium slab with vinyl graphics to wooden pillars with connecting slats, there’s a look to fit any established brand aesthetic.

Predominantly used as a welcome and first wave of wayfinding, totem signs serve a practical purpose. You may wish to consider colour coding or impactful wording – both of which we can assist with. Depending on the size of the site and the sign’s function, a larger system could be advisable. Our in-house experts are happy to help based on your requirements. To date, we’ve installed monolith signs from 2-15m in height.

When it comes time to mount your sign in the ground, our experienced team will carry out an assessment of the area – and take every necessary precaution during the dig. As ever, we’ll endeavour to carry out installation in a minimally disruptive way. Before long, you’ll be left with a premium addition to your site and an asset to your business.

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