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Stand-off letter signs

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Stand-off letter signs slider 1
Stand-off letter signs slider 1

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While integrated options, such as vinyl wall graphics, are valuable and highly effective in many spaces, 3D stand-off letter signs carry a slightly more premium look and meet a different demand.

Applicable to any flat wall, these foam board or aluminium composite material (ACM) fixtures stand proud up to 20mm – held in place by subtle locator fixtures. Between the two available materials, cost, longevity and requirement should be considered. ACM is a necessity for outdoor use, or any indoor location that’s prone to significant temperature changes. In the majority of inside spaces, foam board is suitably long-lasting.

On large enough instalments, stand-off elements can be stacked for a unique layered effect. There’s also lighting to consider, with this sign’s ability to cast eye-catching shadows. As such, the stand-off letter design is an enticing option for shop signs, business signs and large company logos.